My tree has lights!

Harvestbird and I and a mini-Harvestbird had a shopping trip to the Warehouse this morning (with bonus cake at Make Cafe and playground time afterwards), so while we were there I found some lights for the tree (with some difficulty – the usual problem of a million varieties of lights and none of them actually what I wanted (of course, the possibility exists that I’m just too fussy)).
It’s never a simple operation to put lights on the tree post-decoration, but with a bit of contortionism I think I managed an ok job of it.  Of course, I should have waited until dark to take the photo, but the solstice approaches, so dark isn’t happening until pretty late at night these days, and I’m too impatient 😉
The woman in Make Cafe who served us asked if Harvestbird and I were sisters.  We decided that was quite acceptable (what’s that saying about brothers from another mother?)

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  1. Your tree looks beautiful!
    Little details are always what get me – I know you live in the southern hemisphere, and I know that your seasons are opposite of ours in the northern hemisphere, but your saying that the days are getting longer threw me for a second or two!

  2. You are very brave to put lights on last with all of those fragile ornaments.
    It’s very pretty, but it was pretty without lights.

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