Misplaced sympathy

There is a woman at work who thinks she is my great friend.  In fact, I find her a bit of a pain, but my polite tolerance is apparently interpreted by her as close friendship.  Anyway, she’s also got it into her head that I am utterly bereft and lonely ever since the separation and in need of comfort.  So whenever she sees me she asks in a deeply sympathetic tone how I’m coping, and no matter how cheerfully I reply that I’m doing great and happier than I’ve been in years, she still reads it as me putting a brave face on things.  She also keeps inviting me to her church, saying things like “I know you’re not religious, but it’s a great way to meet people”, and telling me about the special group they have for divorced people (yeah, a Christian meat market, that’s really going to be my scene – I think I’d rather stick my head in a bucket of wasps).
I suspect the problem is that she is one of those unfortunate women whose only aim in life is to acquire a man (and of course makes her desperation so obvious that she never succeeds), and imagines that everyone else is the same, so she can’t cope with the idea that I’m perfectly happy on my own, thank you.
Today she baled me up at a College event and spent ages quizzing me on what I was doing for Christmas, and did I have family coming, or would I spend the day with friends, deeply concerned that I might, horror of horrors, be alone on Christmas!  She didn’t quite know how to respond when I said I might invite some friends round if I felt like it, but actually I kind of liked the idea of just spending the day alone with a good book.  I’m sure by now she’s twisted that round in her head into some sort of desperate cry for help – I just hope she doesn’t decide to pop round for a visit on Christmas Day to “rescue” me from my terrible loneliness…

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  1. oh dear oh dear, there is always one isn’t there!
    Glad to hear you are doing so well and I hope you enjoy your Christmas whatever you end up doing!

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