Hail and toilet doors

It alternately irritates and amuses me that the locks on the toilet stalls at work have the brand name “Axess”.   Irritates because wanting a trademarkable word is no excuse for mangling spelling like that, and amuses because it sounds like something used to describe a character in a Victorian melodrama, some sort of deranged madwoman locked up in the attic for the attempted decapitation of her husband – The Axess of Wildbury Hall, coming soon to a library near you.
Winter has returned with a vengance – it’s been cold and wet and miserable all day, with bursts of hail that seemed specially timed to hit every time I had to go outside (seriously – 5 minutes before I had to leave the house to catch the bus, it wasn’t even raining.  In the time it took to cross the road to the bus stop, it had started hailing, hard, and the wind picked up so much I couldn’t even shelter under an umbrella.  Then at lunch time when I went to meet Harvestbird for lunch, the same thing happened – no rain before I left the building, and half way to the carpark the hail started again.  The universe is out to get me.)
This really has been a disjointed entry, hasn’t it?  I blame the fact I’ve been watching Doctor Who (not the new Peter Capaldi version – I’m still a couple of series behind.  I reckon by the time I’ve finished re-watching up with the rest of the Matt Smith episodes the new series should be out on DVD and I’ll be able to see it then) – spend too much time listening to Matt Smith talking, and you start thinking in his speech patterns, bouncing madly from topic to topic…  That’s my excuse, anyway 🙂

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  1. We have found the hail had an unexpected result that bothers us greatly. There is a skylight in our kitchen which in the past 6 years since we have been here hasn’t leaked at all. Today though, for some reason, as I had the morning’s paper spread out on a granite bench under the skylight hail started falling onto the paper. How could this be? It did not seem possible but we just had to conclude that the wind was blowing so hard that the hailstones were being forced over the top of the thingy which stops the rain coming in and they dropped down.
    Quite a weird phenomenon that continued to occur during subsequent squally hail showers but when it was just rain it didn’t come one.
    Blame it on Wellington’s wild weather.
    Fierce squalls in the harbour had water showering cars on the motorway between Petone and the city.

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