More quilty goodness

Three more squares done, using patterns from the ‘A Few Scraps‘ blog:

Topography” – I like this one almost as much as the wood grain one – nice and easy, forgiving of mistakes, and looks cool when it’s done.

Leafy Branches” – a bit trickier (lots of backtracking!), but looks great.  I was really starting to feel like I was getting the hang of it with this one – I had my speed about right, and it was flowing nicely.

And then this one took me back to feeling like a total beginner again. “Wibbly Wobbly” (I can’t help appending “Timey Wimey” every time I see that 😉 ).  So much for getting the hang of it – I just couldn’t get this one to go well at all.  My circles kept going wonky and turning into loops, and my speed was all over the place again.  So another one that only looks good if you squint your eyes just right..
Oh well, just need to keep practicing, I suppose.  Though I won’t have much chance of that for a while – Lytteltonwitch and I are heading off on a road trip tomorrow, to spend a few days in Alexandra, and the current plan is to have the kids come back up to Christchurch with us, so I’ll be in full-on aunty mode for pretty much all of next week.  So unless I feel inspired to attempt another square tonight, I think the quilt will be being put away somewhere safe for a while.

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