Finger report

Actually, it’s suprisingly unpainful – except of course at those moments when I bump it against something, which happens every time I forget that I’ve got a giant sausage of bandage on my finger, making it twice the size it normally is and therefore needs a lot more clearance room than normal…  I am discovering, however, the inconvenience of having keep a bandaged area dry at all times – it’s amazing how many things in life require you to get your hands wet and/or dirty.
Starting with cooking dinner last night.  It was just lucky that Lytteltonwitch turned up just as I was starting to cook dinner, because I’d planned a chicken casserole, and was about to cut up the chicken and onions before I realised that neither of those is something you can cut up without needing to wash both hands thoroughly afterwards, and they’re also impossible to cut one-handed.  And my vague plan of protecting my hand with a rubber glove failed when I discovered the bandage sausage is too big to fit inside a glove.  So my spur of the moment invitation to Lytteltonwitch to stay for dinner turned into her doing most of the cooking, as well as doing the dishes afterwards.  I am such a good host 🙂
Showering this morning was fun too – I eventually resorted to wrapping several layers of gladwrap (= cling film/saran wrap) over the bandage and trying to keep my hand elevated out of the main stream of the water as much as possible.
So yeah, so far the bandage is causing much more pain and annoyance than the cut itself did.
But at least it’s on my left hand, so it’s not restricting me too badly otherwise.  I even managed to finish off yesterday’s sewing project (very, very carefully! 🙂 )

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  1. I’m so glad to hear the pain isn’t too bad. And yes, put your friends to work! It’s what I do and it works for me…

  2. Yeah…welcome to my world, where the injuries are frequent and usually frustrating!
    Try putting on/undoing a bra without the use of your dominant hand!
    Glad its not too painful though.

    1. Yeah, that would be challenging! Luckily little fingers aren’t used for all that much in the scheme of things – the shift and CTRL keys on my keyboard are my main (non-water-related) stumbling blocks at the moment.

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