All the pretties

The new furniture arrived yesterday, so as promised, photos of the pretty:
TV unit:

Ok, so the furniture shop called it a bookshelf, but I couldn’t find a TV cabinet I liked, and this looked like it might work, which it does, perfectly.  I haven’t decided yet what to put on the lower shelves, and I need to attach some cable clips to the back to hide the spaghetti of wires, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s looking.  I should probably also figure out some way of securing it against earthquakes, seeing as I haven’t got it sitting flat against the wall (I tried, but it looked better out at an angle like that – plus it makes the TV watchable from the whole room).

I was thinking of getting two chairs for this corner (to replace the two-seater couch that used to be there), but I only found one I liked, and now I see it there, I think a second would make it look too cluttered, so I might stick with just one. It definitely needs a lamp next to it, and possibly a little footstool.  And I need to find some sort of cabinet to store the glasses and wine (they’re just on those shelves temporarily until I find a better place for them), and somewhere to store the board games (ditto), but I reckon this corner has a lot of potential – I can just see me sitting here doing my cross-stitch.

I’ve always wanted a room completely lined with books, and the sunroom (maybe I should rename it the library ;-)) now pretty much qualifies – well, the two walls that aren’t lined with windows do, anyway.  The two lighter coloured bookshelves were there already, the darker ones are new, and yes, I actually have more bookshelf space than I have books (well, sort of – there’s a couple of boxes of bookcrossing books in the study needing to be sorted, plus a pile of textbooks I’ve got in my desk at work… still feels like luxury to not have double-stacked books though!).  I’ve got a bit of work to do arranging the books into some sort of more logical system, and I’d like to get another chair for this room (I’ve got a lovely comfy armchair for reading, but I need something more dining-chair-like for when I want to sit and work at the table), but otherwise this room is pretty much done.
So, very happy with my new purchases, and I reckon I’m well on the way towards my aim of making every room in my house one that gives me joy just to be in.

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  1. Not only does your new stuff look awesome but you just solved a dilemma for me as well! As we only have one TV in the house and it is often in use by the younger two I was thinking of getting T2 a TV/DVD for his room for Christmas, only I couldn’t work out what to put it on. A new bookshelf will do the trick perfectly 🙂

    1. Glad I could help 🙂
      That’s one of the nice things about flat screen TVs – you’re much less constrained in the size and shape of what you can sit them on.

  2. Love that armchair, looks very cozy and a great spot to do some intense reading or relaxed needlework and such 🙂

  3. Funny, when I type hereby into the editing box of WP, it underlines it in red.
    Feel free to point out errors.
    It’s hard to write AND be a good editor. In my world anyway. 🙂

    1. Weird. Maybe it’s an American English vs British English thing? My dictionary definitely gives it as hereby.

  4. Furniture looks spectacular – good choices !! The chair – what can I say but Wow !!!!! Enjoy and keep smiling.

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