Hate it when that happens

Nope, that definitely doesn’t line up. Even though I spent ages checking and double-checking and was sure it lined up properly before I sewed the final seam, I must have moved it slightly while I was sewing it and now it is just off enough to be totally noticeable (to me, anyway), so I’m going to have to unpick that really really long seam (of really really small stitches) and try again.
It’s probably a sign that I should get over my aversion to hand-sewing and actually baste the important seams before I sew them…
Oh well, I don’t have time to worry about it right now anyway – I’ve got to catch a bus into Riccarton shortly to go to an earthquake memorial event (it’s the anniversary today), because I promised to take some photos for work (and just because I like the annual opportunity to reflect and remember).  Though there might not be a lot to take photos of – I suspect the turn-out will be pretty small given the drizzly weather.

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