Meeting the class of 2015

Even though I’m not actually taking a paper until next semester, I’m still considered part of the Honours class for the entire year, so I’m being invited to all of the class-wide meetings and events.  I attended the first this afternoon, the introductory meeting where the Head of Department alternately scares you with how hard the year is going to be and reassures you that the staff are there to help.  And, of course, where you get to meet the rest of your class (always a very small group in such a tiny department as Linguistics – there’s six of us this year, and everyone was commenting what a huge class it is 🙂 ).
For a change, I actually knew one of my fellow students (because I’m studying part time, my classmates from the year before have always moved on) – Kirsty, who started Honours at the same time as me and was also studying part time.  She completed two papers and then went to Japan for a couple of years to teach English, and has now come back to finish her degree (and have a baby – it’s due at the end of the first semester, so sounds like she’ll be in a race to get her work finished before it arrives).  We’re not taking any of the same papers, so won’t be in any actual classes together, but it’ll be nice to see a familiar face around the corridors.
The meeting achieved its purpose of getting me into a panic thinking I should get started on some work straight away… except that I don’t actually have anything to get started on until July.  I need to bottle this motivated feeling so I can pull it out again then 🙂

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