Wrong way

Lytteltonwitch came over this morning so I could help her tidy up her CV (hopefully the advice I gave her turns out to be useful – I did once have a job polishing CVs, but that was a lot of years ago and in another country, so I’m not exactly up to date on current HR trends).  Once that was done and we had a quick lunch, we decided to go and check out the Crafty Christchurch craft show.  It was on Blenheim Road, so the easiest way to get there looked to be catch a bus to a roughly parallel point on Riccarton Road then walk down to Blenheim Road, a distance of less than a kilometre.  Of course, it would have helped if we’d made a note of which way to turn once we got to Blenheim Road – we went the wrong way, and had walked about another kilometre in the wrong direction before we twigged that we really should have got there by now…  About then we saw a sign that had the address of the venue on it, which Lytteltonwitch plugged into her GPS and discovered how far out of our way we’d gone.  Oh well, it was a nice day, so it was pleasant enough walking along chatting.  We were definitely in need of afternoon tea by the time we reached the craft show, though!
The craft show itself was quite good.  Most of the interesting-sounding demonstrations had been on earlier days, but there were some cool displays from local craft guilds (loads of inspiration for new projects that I know I’ll never get round to actually doing, but I can dream…), and lots of tempting stalls.  I managed to restrain myself to just a few bits of fabric from a bargain bin though, so didn’t quite blow my budget 🙂

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