Happy Christmas Eve

Went to the supermarket this morning (yeah, I know, bad move on Christmas Eve, but it wasn’t actually as crowded as I expected – I didn’t even have to queue for a checkout) to grab a few things for tomorrow, and apparently there’s a world-wide raspberry shortage.  Or, at least, a Christchurch-wide one.  The supermarket staff were just putting up a sign in the vegetable department apologising that they’d run out, and a woman who had half a dozen punnets in her trolley (she must have got the last of them) was getting some very dirty looks from other shoppers.  I was a bit disappointed to miss out (raspberries being one of my favourite things about this time of year), but I’m sure they’ll be back in stock next week, when everyone’s got over the frantic Christmas buying, and they’ll still taste just as good then.  And at least strawberries are plentiful and cheap – obviously the weather that’s been bad for raspberries has been ideal for strawberries.
I’m off into town in a while – I’m meeting up with Lytteltonwitch to go to the Christmas carols in Latimer Square.  I didn’t go last year, so I’m looking forward to it – they’re always fun, and a cool Christmas Eve tradition.  Nice to have LW back to have someone to go to these sorts of things with – not that I mind going places on my own, but it’s much more fun with a friend.

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