Ah, so that's what a weekend is

Hmmm, according to my calendar, the last time I actually took a full weekend off was in August. No wonder I was feeling tired! But I have rectified that by actually having a break this weekend – I didn’t even attempt to work on my presentation for next weekend.  Just took a proper break and had a couple of fun and restful days.  And discovered that one advantage of not having proper weekends for so long is that having two whole days off feels like such a luxury – it’s almost like having a holiday! 🙂
Yesterday was Halloween, so we had a bookcrossing meetup (only three of us turned up 🙁 ), followed by creating a themed book tree in Jellie Park.  I didn’t have many suitable books to contribute – scraping the bottom of my boxes of books turned up a few Stephen King and Harry Potter books, which I decided qualified on horror and magic grounds, so, not having had time to trawl second-hand bookshops for anything better, they went on the tree.  But between the three of us we had enough books to make the tree look quite respectably adorned, and as we were leaving it was already being inspected by a couple of people.
Afterwards Lytteltonwitch stopped off at my place for dinner (after a quick dash to the supermarket so that I could actually provide dinner!), theoretically on her way to a Halloween party.  But in the end my couch was too comfortable to move from, so she gave up on the party in favour of staying to chat for a couple more hours.
I’d bought some lollies at the supermarket, in case of trick or treaters, but only one set turned up.  They were really impressive though – a group of teenagers who’d actually made an effort (instead of the usual half-hearted attempts we get around here, where most of the kids just wear a plastic mask or don’t even bother to dress up at all, they just demand lollies).  They were all in costume and elaborate face-paint, with a sort of Tim Burton-esque theme.  One of them was even playing a guitar (very tunefully, too).  Very impressive (and very polite – they all said thank you when I gave them the lollies!).  I wish I’d thought to take a photo.
I spent today indulging my need for creativity, sewing a second version of the Wren pattern, this time with the colours running in the right direction:

I could tell I’d been away from the sewing machine for a long time – so many mistakes! But I think I managed to fix or hide them all sufficiently, so I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out in the end. Now I’ve just got to figure out exactly how I want to combine the three birds together…

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    1. It’s much easier to do than it is to describe 🙂
      Maybe I should do step by step photos next time I attempt one.

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