Prospective cucumber?

Despite the mostly warm weather (it’s been back to typical December drizzle this week), my little cucumber and watermelon plants haven’t grown all that much in their pots – a couple of extra leaves each, but that’s all.  So I assumed my usual anti-gardening skill was at work as usual, and they’d come to nothing. But this morning as I was leaving the house, I spotted a surprise on one of the cucumber plants – a tiny flower!

You never know, I might end up with a cucumber after all!  (Although, are cucumbers the sort of plant where you need more than one plant to be flowering before they develop fruit?  I might be out of luck in which case.  But it’s still cool that it’s flowered at all.)
Also, I have no idea what size cucumber flowers are supposed to be.  Is this actually a tiny flower, or is it normal size for a cucumber?  I think I may be basing my expectations on vague memories of what pumpkin flowers look like.  And if it is a tiny flower, will it produce a tiny cucumber?  (I suspect that’s not how biology works, but I can’t imagine a normal-sized cucumber growing off such a small plant – it would be taller than the plant!)

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  1. Where did you GET this plant? Cucumbers come in all shapes and sizes. I suspect it will develop a cucumber for you. Are you going to put it in the ground? It would probably like that. 🙂

    1. It came from a free seed kit handed out by one of our supermarket chains in the spring – I never expected it to actually grow into anything!
      I’m sure it would much prefer being in the ground, but that would require me to do real gardening, like digging up a patch of soil for it to live in, and then keeping the grass from growing back over it. That’s rapidly getting into too hard territory for my lazy non-gardener self! 🙂

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