Kitten Update

MrPloppy somehow managed to fix my camera, so now I’m not so annoyed at the kittens for peeing on our bed (and then waiting until we’d spent all day washing the bedclothes before repeating the performance). But more importantly, it means a new batch of kitten photos! (yeah, tell me when you’re getting bored with them)
This is a typical sequence of events in our house at the moment:
1. Parsnips finds something to play with (in this case, my shoelace)

2. She notices that Pushkin has a toy too, and it’s obviously much more exciting than hers

3. Pounce

Step 4 is either two kittens chasing each other madly around the room (which my camera is never fast enough to capture), or Pushkin gives up and finds herself another toy… at which point the process repeats.
And just so she doesn’t get jealous at how many pictures I’ve posted of Parsnips, here’s one of Pushkin:

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