Got home this afternoon after 30-odd hours spent on planes and in airports.  I’m incredibly tired, but attempting to stay awake at least until dark, to ward off the worst of the jet lag.
Italy was amazing (as was Greece, but I think I already posted to say that 🙂 ) and we had so many adventures!  I’ve taken a million photos (I had to buy a new memory card because I filled up the two I had with me), and written a long and detailed travel journal, which I will attempt to transcribe over the next few days (because we all know if I don’t do it straight away it will never happen) and post here.
Or maybe I could just spend the next couple of days sleeping…

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  1. 30 hours.
    That’s a stunning amount of travel time.
    My sympathies.
    But I am really looking forward to seeing and hearing about your adventures!!!

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