I am alive

(although I did spend the afternoon at a 2 year old’s birthday party, so it was a close-run thing for a bit…)
I’ve been getting the odd nudge and query as to my continued existence, so I thought I’d better drop in briefly and reassure everyone that yes, I’m still alive, and I’m not avoiding any of you, it’s just that I’m buried alive in a giant mound of journal articles to read and essays to write and approaching deadlines, so my life for the last month or so has been pretty much reduced to work, study, do the minimum to keep myself fed and healthy and the house vaguely clean, and repeat.  And the odd time when I do manage to take a break, I’m so sick of sitting in front of a computer that the thought of writing a blog entry never greatly appeals.
But the good news is, I’ve only got a few weeks and one more major assignment to go then the semester will be over and I’ll be finished with this course, and life can return to something a little more like normal (at least until next year, when I start the next one).
Someone remind me why I thought postgraduate study while also working full time was such a good idea???
See you in July!

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  1. Well, good to know you are okay, if not relaxed. 🙂 What are you studying? Oh dear, a question that needs answered! Tell me about it in July … 🙂

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