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As predicted, life for me at the moment is pretty much work, study, cook and clean just enough to keep myself alive, sleep, and repeat. But it’s worth it – I’m loving the course, and if I can get myself a wee bit ahead on the study now, it means I can take a couple of weeks off for the convention in April without getting too far behind.
I took a break from studying this afternoon though to finish off making a birthday present for a certain pink- and purple-loving child in my life who’s about to turn 5 and start school.

(Sorry about the terrible lighting – I really should have waited until morning to take the photos…)
Just ignore the sewing on the binding – my excuse is I had to put in quite a thick layer of card between the fabric and wadding so that the folder would stay flat when I stretched the elastic to put things in, which made it a bit tricky to sew along the sides of it (though your walking foot definitely made it a lot easier, DancingStar).  Plus I was kind of in a hurry, having only allowed myself a few hours to finish it off. But I’m sure she’ll only see the pretty colours and pay no attention at all to the quality.
I had loads of fun finding pink and purple stationery to fill it with (yes, Lytteltonwitch, that is the book eraser you sent me – the colour and size were totally perfect, so I decided I had to sacrifice it to the project – sorry!) – the only thing I couldn’t find in pink or purple was the ruler.
Normally I would have blurred out the name on the front, but I couldn’t bring myself to (so please, evil people of the internet, don’t stalk her, or whatever it is that evil people of the internet do when they find out a child’s name). I’m just too proud of it, so I had to show off my work – that there is my first ever attempt at creating a paper-piecing pattern. Not *quite* up to Tartankiwi’s level, but I’m pretty pleased with myself for figuring it out! (I won’t mention the time I had to unpick the Y because I put it on the wrong side of the L…)

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