Quilty goodness

Three more quilt squares done!

Feathers. Apart from a wee bit of wobbliness in the corner (mainly caused by not having enough fabric to be able to get a decent grip to move it properly), this one went really well. It looks really cool on the back, too:

Next is Ocean Current. This was definitely made easier by being able to better see what I was doing with the new foot. Still got a bit wobbly in places, but again, I think it was because I was working so close to the edge of the quilt.

And finally, the square with the paper-pieced heart. I decided ages ago I wanted to “stitch the ditch” around the heart to make it stand out, but I hadn’t made up my mind what pattern to use in the background. But recent developments in America gave me the obvious solution: rainbows! (Come on Australia, your turn now…)

The pattern is called Echo Rainbow, and involved a *lot* of backtracking. It was harder than I anticipated to work around the heart, which is why some of the rainbows ended up funny sizes and shapes, but otherwise I think it went ok.
It looks much better on the back, especially the way the heart really pops out:

So that’s all the quilting done!

All that’s left to do now is the binding. Which will be quite a big job (especially if I do it “properly” and hand-stitch it. I suspect I might cheat and do it on the machine, though…). I might make a start today, but I really should spend some time preparing for my interview tomorrow (and a speech for Toastmasters tonight!), so I don’t know how much progress I’ll have time to make. But I’m pretty happy with how it’s looking so far 🙂

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