Aerosmith just saved my soul

Or rather, it just saved my soul from being saved, which is even better in my book.  As is usual on a Saturday morning, I’ve got on some very loud music while I clean the house – this morning’s choice is Aerosmith.  And I just had a visit from some Jehovah’s Witnesses.  They were starting to go into their usual spiel, which is always so difficult to extricate yourself politely from (and somehow extricating yourself rudely never feels like an option), when the song changed to one with rather sexually explicit lyrics (‘Pink’, from the Nine Lives album, if anyone wants to try replicating the experiment – the verse about “I want to wrap you in rubber” seemed to have the strongest effect).  And the words could be very clearly heard from where they were standing on the front doorstep.  It was amazing how quickly the conversation suddenly came to an end as they realised what they were listening to – it was basically, “Here, have some literature,” then they took off down the driveway, not quite at a sprint, but I’m sure they were thinking about it!
So there’s your answer if you’re plagued with religious people trying to convert you: just play them a little music! 😉

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  1. lol I guess I’m lucky there as my local joho is a lovely older gentleman who checks in every now and then for a non religious chat even though he knows I’m not interested in the rest.
    I wonder if the same thing works on Mormons?
    What sort of music at what volume would deter them from even coming to the door?

  2. I look forward to those visits. I know my way around the Bible and some basic theology to have some interesting conversations. Sadly when I get them close to the brink of me converting them and they don’t come back for more.

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