Storing up sunshine

Seven jars of apricots bottled this morning.  That hadn’t been the plan for the day, but Dad and Stepmother stopped in on their way through town this morning and dropped off a box of fruit. It’s been really hot again, so the apricots obviously weren’t going to last long enough to be eaten fresh, so I had a bit of a rush job to dig out all the bottling supplies and get them preserved.  Apparently doing a rush job is the secret to successful preserving, because all seven jars sealed successfully.  A nice little stash for the winter 🙂

Then this afternoon Lytteltonwitch and I walked over to the Avice Hill craft fair (which had some quite nice stuff, but nothing that inspired me enough to want to spend money on it), and from there to the golf club where there was a final display of the Stand Tall giraffes before they are auctioned off for charity next week.  I think the response was more than they’d expected, because the queue to get in was huge – half way across the car park, then a loop round the gardens before you finally got in sight of the giraffes.  I think it took us over half an hour to get through the queue, and it had grown even longer by the time we left.
Cool to get to see them all in one place, though, especially because I’d only seen about half of them “in the wild”.

It’s been such a great project – so much creativity, and such fun to discover the giraffes hiding in odd corners of the city for the past few months.  I really hope they do something similar again next year.

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