Feeling lucky

We’re finally getting round to having the 1950s wiring in our house replaced (I’m so looking forward to having more than one power outlet per room – finally an end to the maze of extension cables and multiboards we live our life off!), so had the electrician round on Saturday to do a walkthrough of what we want.
While he was checking the connection where the powerlines come into the house, he pointed out that the lines were stretched taut between the house and the nearest powerpole, which was on a slight lean (thanks to earthquakes, no doubt).  He reckoned we were probably just a couple of centimetres away from having the lines pulled out completely – and given the latest swarm of aftershocks (a 5.2 on Friday, amongst a scattering of 3s and 4s), it’s amazing it hasn’t happened yet.
So we’re feeling very lucky he noticed it before it went, and the best bit is it’s not our problem – the power company will have to fix it (he said he’ll try and convince them the best solution would be to replace the lines with underground ones, which would make our view a lot nicer!)

In other news… um, there isn’t any, really.  Still up to my ears in study and work, but still enjoying both enough not to mind that I don’t have any other life at the moment.

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