I‘ve been getting into a bad habit of eating lunch at my desk lately, so I decided today to escape campus and go out for lunch.  Well, technically escape campus – I actually just went to the new cafe that’s opened on Ilam Road, right on the edge of campus.  But that’s not actually *on* campus, right?  And I’ve been walking past it every night since they finished the building thinking I really should go in and try it out sometime, so this seemed like as a good a time as ever.
Actually, just on the edge of campus is the perfect distance to go for lunch, because you feel like you’re getting properly away from work, but it’s close enough that you’ve got time to get there and back without eating into your lunch break too much.  Plus it turned out to be a really nice cafe – the food was great (but huge portions – I ended up leaving most of mine, and I still feel like I’ve overeaten).  So I had a very pleasant lunch and time to read a book for a while before I had to get back to the office.
Of course, the downside of having a big lunch is that now I don’t feel at all like getting any work done this afternoon…

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