And so begins 2015

Back at work, and it was definitely a struggle to get up and organised this morning.  That’s the trouble with holidays, doing nothing becomes way too much of a routine.  But I managed to wake up sufficiently to clean the cat fur off my backpack (apparently Parsnips had been using it for a bed while I was in Alexandra) and get to work on time, so a good start 🙂  And after a morning spent QAing photo descriptions, I feel like I was never away…

Yesterday Lytteltonwitch and I went over to Raspberry’s to pick up some books she was getting rid of.  We didn’t get to see her new place though – she was waiting for a plumber, so we just dashed in and got the books and left.
On the way back to my place we stopped off at a couple of furniture shops, because I’m still on a quest for a foot-stool to go with my armchair.  I didn’t find anything, but Lytteltonwitch did find a really cool witch sculpture for her lounge, and I found a cheap and cheerful set of stationery drawers which are perfect to replace the old drawer unit I was using in my study, which had got damaged so only one of the drawers was really usable.  So a completely unsuccessful shopping expedition in one sense, but very satisfactory in another.

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