Harvestbird taught me a new word at lunch today, “Nokay”.  It was invented by one of the mini-Harvestbirds, and apparently it means “No, I’m not going to do what you want me to, but I’m going to be really sweet and polite about it so you don’t realise I’m actually being defiant”.   Harvestbird reports that the mini-Harvestbird has perfected its use around the issue of bedtime, as in:

“Mini-Harvestbird, time for bed.”

“Nokay Mummy, I’m playing now.”

The possibilities are endless.  “Would you like to serve on this committee?” “Nokay.”  “The cat’s been sick again – it’s your turn to clean it up.”  “Nokay.”  “Please submit to this intrusion into your privacy in the interests of pretending to improve security.”  “Nokay.”

Whittakers has come out with a new variety of chocolate, based on the Hundreds and Thousands biscuits that have featured at every Kiwi kid’s birthday party ever.  It’s pink, and overly sweet, and filled with chunks of biscuit and hundreds and thousands (i.e. sprinkles, for those of you in foreign parts).  So of course we had to buy a bar for the office this afternoon.  The general verdict: utterly disgusting, but somehow addictively good – we certainly managed to get through a lot of it while discussing how much we didn’t really like it 🙂

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  1. I just love NoKay. Sounds hugely useful. I don’t know Harvestbird but if she can live with that sort of thing she must be just great! Cultivate her mini Hb’s.

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