I'm (a tiny bit) famous!

A while back I supported a kickstarter for a game called Machine of Death (based on the excellent book of short stories of the same name).  The kickstarter succeeded, and the game was duly produced and sent out, with a request from the creator (who writes the Wondermark comic) that people send him photos of the game in exotic locations when it arrived.  So naturally, I took my copy into the Square and took a photo in front of the ruins of the Cathedral (and then spent ages second-guessing myself over whether that was an incredibly tasteless thing to do…)
Anyway, I got an email today thanking me for the photo, which he’s posted on his Tumblr (along with my rambling description of post-earthquake Christchurch), and he’s sending me a custom card for the game, for “A ruined place”!
This to me is everything that’s cool about the internet – making connections with people in far off places who you’d never have the chance to meet in “real life”.

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