What I made in 2020

Projects completed in 2020.

I thought I’d had a pretty uncreative year, what with lockdown depression and everything, but although it was mostly small projects, I did actually manage to get quite a few things finished.


Chicken pincushion
And two more chickens
“Garden City” placemat


“Garden City” table runner
A chicken for Niece
And another one


March was busy, and then it got weird. So nothing really finished, but I did do a few quick sketchy things:

A cartoon I (badly) drew at a workshop with the amazing Sam Orchard during Pride week
A couple of sketches I didn’t hate from a life-drawing class during Pride week
A bear to hang in my window for the We’re Not Scared NZ Bear Hunt


And the bear was then joined by a couple of Easter eggs


A hot water bottle cover
and then another one for Niece


A lot of stuff in progress, but nothing finished.


Custom noticeboards for my craft room


An experimental mask
and when that worked, a few more masks
and then a lot more masks
Tūī in the Henhouse – a mini-quilt for Yetzirah, to celebrate 100 subscribers to my YouTube channel

September and October

Mostly making videos, but I did make progress on a few quilting projects


A pair of rainbow cushions as a housewarming gift for Karen
A Star Trek/LEGO mini-quilt as a wedding present for Marie and Angie
A huge string of bunting in Pasifika fabrics for my union


Birb – a quilt portrait of Niece’s pet cockatiel
A little mat to put under mum’s kettle
A Christmas mini-quilt for a Secret Santa gift
Christmas Tree mini-quilt
Finally finished the rest of the Christmas mini-quilts I started in 2017
A cat bed for Raji, mum’s cat

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What I made in 2018
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