Butterfly complete

That took a lot longer than expected (probably something to do with the number of unpickings and resewings I ended up doing, and not at all helped by changing my mind at the last minute about how I’d done the body of the butterfly (I’d originally used a lighter shade of grey to contrast with the wings a bit, but once I’d sewn it all together I decided it detracted too much from the cat face, so another session of unpicking and starting again)), but I finally have a finished butterfly that I’m mostly pleased with (the wings aren’t quite lined up properly, and there’s a bit where the fabric frayed from too many unpickings and I had to sneak in a tiny patch to cover it – probably not noticeable to anyone else, but I know it’s there…)

Well, sort of finished.  To be properly finished I’d need to turn it into something other than just a block, but the challenge was just to make the block itself, so I’m counting it as finished enough for now.  Maybe I’ll incorporate it into a proper quilt one day – just need to make a few more blocks to go with it…

The Tartankiwi

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