Emerging, blinking, into the light

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, I’m actually writing a blog post.  And that can only mean one thing: I finished my thesis!!!!!
I managed to finish the bulk of the writing on Tuesday, then spent the rest of the week proof-reading and checking all the little details, and submitted it yesterday afternoon – four days ahead of schedule (which means I’ve now got a whole week left of my leave to recover in – and I reckon I need it!).  Final count was 103 pages, 24,275 words, and 29 graphs.
It’ll be a month or two before I hear back from the examiners and know for sure whether I’ve earnt my Masters, but my supervisors seemed pretty confident that it should pass.  At the moment, I’m just so glad to have it finished!
Now, what was it I used to spend all my free time on?  It’s been so long since I had any, I think I’ve forgotten…

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