Winning all the things

Last night my Toastmasters group had a quiz night.  My team maintained a respectable second place up until the second last round.  When the quiz leader announced that the theme of the round was flags, there was a loud exclamation of glee from the teenage member of our team, the child of one of the club members.  It turned out he was fascinated by flags, to the extent that he’d memorised the flags of every country in the world.  So thanks to him we got a perfect score of 10 for that round, while our nearest competitor only managed 4 points, which shot us very convincingly into the lead.  The final round was pretty much a formality after that point.
Which just goes to show you that every obsession, no matter how seemingly weird, will come in handy one day.  Even if the prize on offer is just chocolates 🙂

And then this morning I got an email from the National Secretary of my union, letting me know I’d been awarded a Meritorious Service Award!  I’d had a whisper ages ago that the local branch were nominating Harvestbird and I for the award, but I never really expected it to come to anything (because I’ve never really thought of my work for the union as being anything spectacular, more just a case of someone has to do it, so it might as well be me).  So it was very exciting to hear that we’re being recognised (I saw Harvestbird briefly tonight, and she’s also getting the same award) – so maybe the work we did was important after all 🙂

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