All the colours

An exciting wee parcel waiting for me in the letterbox when I got home tonight (luckily well-wrapped, so it survived the day’s rain/hail/sleet/general horribleness of weather) – a pack of “charm squares” (little sample-sized pieces of fabric – no idea why they’re called charm squares, but it seems to be the standard term in quilting for fabric samples) from Oakshott Fabrics in the UK, the other half of my prize from Tartankiwi’s In Flight draw the other day.

The fabric is really lovely – all sorts of amazing colours, with a subtle shot effect through it.

SO tempted to start a new project so I can play with them!  Must remember I’m starting study again next week… must remember I’m starting study again next week… must remember…

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    1. It’s the third paper (of four) of my BA Hons. It’s on linguistic fieldwork, and sounds like it’s going to be really cool – we work with an informant who’s a speaker of a language nobody in the class knows (normally one of the Pasifika languages) and work with them to figure out various features of the language. I’m really looking forward to it (though dreading how much work it’s going to be!)

  1. Hi DebbieJust thought that I would have a look to see what you have been up to since levniag teaching. Wow! These photos are amazing the composition, your relationship with the people, the colours and contrasts I don’t know the technical terms but superlatives all round. You’ve been busy!Lizzie XX

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