Experiment complete

I pulled myself away from the birds for long enough this afternoon to bind my experimental quilt:

I “cheated” and machine-sewed the binding (otherwise it would have taken me weeks to hand-sew all that!), and there’s a few wee bits where it didn’t quite catch properly so I really should go back and re-do those parts, but I’m still calling it finished.
Right, someone find me a cat, a book, and a comfy corner – I need to test this thing out!

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  1. That butterfly looks like it has cat’s eyes and it is also very similar to my painting that normally hangs on my wall. I must ask my son where my paintings are.

    1. And cat’s whiskers 🙂 It was a result of a challenge Tartankiwi ran to do something creative using her butterfly pattern, to “make it your own”. So of course I gave it a cat face 🙂

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