Voluntary Witch

We’re trialling a new scheme at work to have volunteers come in and help out with the archive.  I’m running the project (which is exciting and scary at the same time – it could turn into something really big if we do it right), so I’ve been casting around for a first volunteer to test things out on, and see if there’s any problems we need to sort out before we send out a wider invitation.  Lytteltonwitch offered to be our guinea pig (thank goodness for unemployed friends 😉 ), so she came in today to fill out the paperwork and meet the team, and is going to come in again later in the week for her first official volunteering session.  Hopefully the work we’ve got lined up for her isn’t too boring – we’re still trying to figure out exactly where the balance is between “this is really tedious” and “you’ll need months of training”.

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