The Mystery of the Green Bin

Someone has pinched my green bin!*  I came home tonight (after yet another end-of-year function at work) and went to empty the wee compost bin I keep in the kitchen, and the green bin wasn’t in my driveway where it normally lives.  The other two bins are there, so obviously whoever took it only needed one.  But as you get them free from the city council, I don’t know why anyone would need to steal one in the first place.  Or why they’d walk to the end of the driveway to steal mine (the bins are visible from the street, but it’s not like they’re right by the gate or anything) when it’s bin night tonight, so there’s plenty of them sitting out on the street much easier to take.
I did think at first that maybe a kind neighbour had put it out for me, but it wasn’t out on the street.  Then I checked the alleyway, thinking maybe it was kids being silly, but no sign of it there either.  So I suppose I’ll have to phone the council in the morning and ask them for a new one, and in the meantime I’ll have to be naughty and put my kitchen waste in the red bin instead.
Very mysterious, and very annoying.
*For non-Christchurch people: we have a system of three wheelie-bins for our rubbish, a green one for organic waste, a yellow one for recycling, and a red one for everything else.  The green one gets collected every week, and the other two on alternating weeks.

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