Pretty pictures

Border complete, and metallics added:

And backstitch done:

Now all that remains is to add the date and name details in the spaces above and below the horse (though I’m also contemplating unpicking the eyes of the upper right bear and repositioning them – I put them where the pattern indicated, but I reckon he looks a bit deformed like that, so I might re-do them).

So now that project gets put aside until I know what to add, and a new project is about to begin:

Yeah, I haven’t made all that much progress yet 🙂 This project is theoretically simpler than the last, but it involved adapting a pattern, which took several hours fiddling with pencils and graph paper last night, and it’s got a definite deadline, because Niece #1 is scheduled for arrival at the end of this month. And according to the original pattern, it should take about 50 hours of stitching. So it’s going to be a challenge!

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