Let's deal with it in the New Year

The parade of end-of-year functions continues, with our team going out for lunch today.  Yes, I know we already had a Christmas party last week, but this was our “official” Christmas function, with our boss shouting us lunch.  It was a very nice lunch, in a new cafe that’s opened up recently near campus, and we lingered over it for a couple of hours (and then, to be honest, did very little work when we did go back to the office).  It’s definitely starting to feel like that time of year where everyone’s got one eye on the upcoming holidays, and nobody wants to start any big new projects – a lot of “we’ll deal with that in the New Year” going on.
In other (lack of) news, no word yet on what’s happening with our jobs long-term.  We’d hoped we’d hear something by now, but the decision’s been deferred until the New Year (see above), and in the meantime we’ve been offered a roll-over of our contracts until May, by which time they promise they’ll have made a decision.  I’m not holding my breath.

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