Because it's important to explore all the options

I think that’s all the permutations while keeping it symmetrical*.  If there are others, don’t tell me.  I’m indecisive enough about this as it is…
Edited to add: *No, it’s not – I’ve just thought of another one.  But I’m resisting the temptation to try it out…

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  1. OMG Now I’m so confused!
    I like the last one too!
    They are ALL so interesting!
    You must have a mathematical mind. . . I would never figure all that out!

  2. The last one, definitely the last one.
    That is SERIOUSLY impressive though, I love it…. the mental sparks are flying… GAH! I have too many PHDs already, can’t possibly start a new project. WANT to though!

  3. I like the 4 squares in the middle and diamond shaped from your previous post best, I think. So pretty 🙂

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