So many choices!

I had a few friends around for a pot-luck dinner on Friday night.  Not everyone I’d invited could make it – some were out of town, or had other plans, or cancelled because of illness (or in one case just forgot – I got a very apologetic email the next morning), but the few of us who did gather had a very nice evening, and proved to me once again that this whole hosting parties thing is easy.  I may well have to do more of it (although given my schedule for the first half of next year, I’d better not speak too soon…)
It did end up being a very late night, though, so I spent most of yesterday in full-on blob mode.  But I managed to get a bit more work done on the quilt, and this morning I finished off sewing together all the strips into blocks.

A nice wee pile of blocks.
But now comes the difficult bit.  You’re supposed to put the blocks together like this:

And that does look seriously cool (even though I just put the blocks down in totally random order and didn’t at all look at which colours were going next to which).
But then the mathematician in me started thinking about all the other patterns that are possible to make with 16 squares bisected by diagonal lines.  Like this:

or like this:

(and even as I’ve been writing this I’ve thought of a couple more possibilities). How on earth am I supposed to commit to just one option?  (I’m starting to see why quilting becomes such an addictive hobby – after all, if I made some more quilts, I could try out all the patterns…)
Help me decide, please?

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  1. ahem… one needs to visit my neck of the woods again for a peek at the true insanity that comes form all the quilting options =)
    BTW do you have a walking foot for your sewing machine? I quilted for over a decade without one but since the first time I used it I can’t believe the difference! So I definitely recommend the investment (they can be a tad expensive) Though my secondary reason for asking is through a quirky twist of fate I happen to have ended up with three and would be more than happy to encourage your industriousness by sending you one if it is compatible with your machine. Also highly recommend getting a bladed stitch in the ditch foot if you are fond of REALLY straight lines and fantastic edging.

    1. I’m using my mother’s old sewing machine, about 30 years old and totally basic, so no, no walking foot. So yes please, I’d love one if you’ve got one spare. I think the foot connection thingy on my machine is just the standard variety (it looks the same as every other one I’ve seen, anyway) – it’s a Brother VX880 if that’s any help. Do you want anything for it?

      1. Don’t be silly, very much a pay it forward deal! I’ll do some research and make sure my spare one will fit then get it on its way, could you email me your postal address please 😀 Will also hunt out the linkage on how to install it as I admit it baffled me and came with no instructions!

        1. Thanks! (I think) I’ve finally managed to find your email address in the chaos that is my gmail, so email sent – if it doesn’t arrive, that means I’ve failed at searching, and some random person with a similar name is wondering what a walking foot is and why I’ve emailed them about it… 🙂

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