Pretty colours for a grey day

It is miserably cold.  Snow and sleet this morning (but not enough to settle, so no chance of getting the day off work 🙁 ), and an icy cold wind.  Now it’s just raining and cold and horrible.  We’re all sitting here in the office (yes, I’m being naughty and writing this at work, but it is technically my tea break!) bundled up in scarves and gloves because there’s a nasty draft blowing in under the door.
So, time for some pretty colours to cheer things up (or maybe it’s just because I was looking through Flickr for something and came across the photos I’d taken of my latest sewing project, and realised I never actually did write the blog post to go with them…)

Work in progress (sorry for the terrible lighting – it was very late at night):

The finished product:

The binding around the edge is a bit rough (I really should go and read a book (or at least a website) about quilting instead of just trying to make it up as I go along!), but I’m pretty pleased with the design (which I adapted from this one).
In case you can’t tell, it’s supposed to be a placemat 🙂

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  1. wow… thats awesome! I love the colours. I may be good at the quilting side but picking colours I am terrible at because even though I know that ‘out there’ combinations usually look best I just can’t do it and have to go for things that match or get someone else to pick for me. Adorable idea though and I feel inspiration biting my ankles about now….

    1. I’m good at colours, but not so good (or maybe not so patient) at the quilting bit – we’d make a perfect team if it wasn’t for that little matter of the Tasman… 🙂

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