Just did something really dumb. It’s pouring with rain after yesterday’s stinking hot weather (Christchurch is nothing if not changeable), and I and a few colleagues were walking over to the cafe with a new staff member for a welcome morning tea. I’d left my umbrella in my office (it was only spitting when I arrived at work, and I hadn’t realised it had got so much heavier), so I was running from one dry spot to another trying not to get too wet. Yeah, you can tell what’s coming, can’t you?

I ran across a patch of smooth paving, and the polished concrete combined beautifully with the water, my flat soled shoes, and (as I discovered) a thin layer of moss growing on the concrete, and yep, I went flying. Don’t worry though, I managed to break my fall with my hip and elbow…

Luckily, I’m not seriously hurt, just a bit of bruising and a little graze on my elbow, but my boss thought I might be in shock so sent me home for the rest of the day (actually, he drove me home himself, because he didn’t want me to have to wait for a bus). I am feeling a wee bit shaken, so coming home was probably a good idea. Actually, I would have had to come home at least to change anyway, because I was covered in mud and moss, and soaking wet (so much for trying to stay dry!)

So, free afternoon off 🙂

(And yes, this is almost identical to what I did at Mt Cook a few years ago – obviously I’m not a fast learner…)

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