NoNoNoNo Revised

I wasn’t entirely happy with the picture of the clouds I posted this morning, but I wanted my first picture to be of the sky, just because of the irony of the weather. All morning I kept finding myself drawn back to look at it again, sure there was a better picture in there somewhere, but I couldn’t quite see how to get it out.

And then I tried turning it upside down. And somehow, the end result is a *much* more exciting picture – a bland overcast sky becomes dramatic and threatening, and just a touch fantastical.

The lesson I *should* take from this is not to rush to post a picture before I’m entirely happy with it, but the lesson I’m actually taking is that it’s good to cheat, so without further ado, here’s my revised first entry for NoNoNoNo. Just ignore that one up above 😉

Overcast 2

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  1. Clouds are one of my favorite focal points. They simmer and they shift. The quality of the light changes from moment to moment, giving a different perspective by the second.

    Thanks for sharing the pics!

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