Ming had another seizure tonight. Like last time, it only lasted about 30 seconds, and he didn’t seem to be disturbed by it. In fact, I’m not even sure he was conscious while it was going on. After it stopped, he seemed fine, just a bit confused and slightly wobbly for a few minutes. So it’s probably much scarier for us to watch than for him to experience. But I still feel so sorry for him – it looks so horrible 🙁

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  1. I hope Ming is feeling better! Years ago I had a cat, Teagy, who had seizures. He didn’t respond well to the usual phenobarbitol so he was put on valium, lol. Needless to say he was a very, very happy little kitty after that and lived to be 10 (he was a tiny kitten when the seizures started).

    RYC: I, like you, wish there was such a thing as a perfect world where every child was loved and wanted and where people looked deeply enough into themselves to decide whether parenthood was right for them. Education is the key and sadly that seems to be lacking……

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