Pink Eskimos

Well I’ve finally caught up with my diary entries for my trip to Brisbane in June – I should have done them ages ago (like in June!), but there were so many pictures to upload and books to link to that I kept putting the job off. But I decided that today would be my anti-procrastination day, and I’d finally get round to doing some of the things I’ve been avoiding. Of course, finishing off those diary entries took up most of the day, so all the other things I’ve been procrastinating about will just have to wait for another day… 🙂

It’s not really embroidery weather, but I’ve managed to make a small amount of progress on my topiary/eskimo cross-stitch:

[album 128913 020106embr.jpg]

Currently reading: Under the Duvet by Marian Keyes

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  1. cool!

    a bookcrosser..

    I love it.. Do you sell books also.??

    I sell at amazon..

    it is so much fun.. I love to read and then pass on the book.. I was going to join this group of people who read books and pass them on for free.. just postage.. and you get your name on the list and someone sends you their book.. I think it would be great fun if it worked as it is supposed to…

    Have you heard of it?

    so where is your booklist??

    I have a beautiful crossstitch in the box.. I just don’t know how.. I have done embroidery.. some beautiful stuff.. when I rode the bus.. to and from work daily. but.. cross stitch has no pattern on the material.. gasps..


    by the way.. I love your

    ^ ^




    deal.. it is almost a forgotten art..

    love it



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