Snow Day

A bonus day off work, and for once it isn’t because of an earthquake!

The forecast yesterday was for snow, and all afternoon there were little flurries, but nothing serious, and with enough drizzle in between there was no was it was going to settle. That obviously changed sometime during the night:

This is the most snow I’ve seen here in years, and apparently it’s like this over most of the South Island. Police are asking people to stay off the roads, so the university has closed for the day and I get to stay home and cosy in front of the fire.

This is a much nicer reason to have a day off!

(Oh, and it’s still snowing…)

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  1. Now I know how you Antipodeans must feel when we northerners post pictures of blizzards during your summer. I never thought I’d lust for snow but after this last week I am thoroughly jealous.

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