Counting down….

It’s the first of February, so that means

It’s suddenly starting to seem very real (and very close – I was thinking of it as being ages away, and suddenly it’s not!!!). And very exciting!

We’re still tweaking the itinerary (silly Skyring gave me a guidebook to read – bad move, because I keep finding more must-stop places along the way :-)), but at the moment it’s looking something like:

Friday 1 April: Christchurch – Auckland – San Francisco

Saturday 2 April: San Francisco

Sunday 3 April: San Francisco – Santa Cruz – Ventura

Monday 4 April: Ventura – Los Angeles – Oatman

Tuesday 5 April: Oatman – Grand Canyon – Flagstaff

Wednesday 6 April: Flagstaff – Albuquerque

Thursday 7 April: Albuquerque – Roswell – Lubbock – Archer City

Friday 8 April: Archer City – Fort Worth

Saturday 9 April: Fort Worth – Dallas – Hillsboro

Sunday 10 April: Hillsboro – Waco – New Orleans

Monday 11 April: New Orleans – Tallahassee

Tuesday 12 April: Tallahassee – Cape Canaveral

Wednesday 13 April: Cape Canaveral – Charleston

Thursday 14 April: Charleston – Washington DC

Friday 15 – Sunday 17 April: BC in DC Convention!

Monday 18 April: Washington DC – Los Angeles – Auckland – Christchurch

12 states* (and a whatever DC is) and the width of a continent in 18 days – yeah, when we do a road trip we really do a road trip!

(*California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia)

Had a great meetup on Saturday, with two new members turning up: Schatzfee (who’s not actually a new member, but is new to Christchurch, having just moved here from Germany), and arinbasu, who brought his family along, so we had quite a crowd round the table – makes a nice change from the last few meetups when there’s only been two or three of us.

Not many exciting catches recently (probably because I haven’t been doing as much releasing), just one from an anonymous finder who only says “Didn’t read.” (Jeremy Poldark by Winston Graham) According to the journal alert email, the finder is from Massachusetts (it’s a pity that information doesn’t show up in the actual journal entry…), so that’s kind of exciting if the book ends up going home with them.

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