Fiddly bits

I definitely can’t compete with Kimi’s fantastic needlework, but here’s the latest progress report on the topiary garden:

This final tree is proving as fiddly and annoying as predicted, with loads of colour changes (it only uses 5 shades of green for the leafy part I’m doing at the moment, but it still manages to have just a stitch or two of each here and there), and it seems like every second stitch is a fractional. Oh well, at least it isn’t very big, so the torture will be over soon. And hopefully it will look really impressive when I finish (I say hopefully, because the pattern I’m using was actually supposed to be four separate pictures, but I thought they’d look better all together in one picture. I charted out the spacing between the trees to try and get the distance between them looking right, but how something looks on a chart is never the same as how it looks stitched, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that when I look at the finished product (it’s on a scroll frame at the moment, so there’s never more than one and a half trees visible at a time, so I haven’t seen the whole effect yet) it’ll look how I imagined it…)

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