Not *quite* what I had planned for today

Well that was an interesting day. Perhaps I should let the pictures speak for themselves:

[album 128913 140206crash1.jpg]

[album 128913 140206crash2.jpg]

[album 128913 140206crash3.jpg]

[album 128913 140206crash4.jpg]

[album 128913 140206crash5.jpg]

And that’s what happens when a car plows through three gardens, bouncing off the side of our house in the process!

I suppose I’d better elaborate a bit. I got to work this morning, and as I walked in the door got a phonecall from MrPloppy, “You’d better come home, there’s been a bit of an accident.” Only a few minutes after I’d caught the bus, a car had come out of the intersection opposite our house, hit another car, gone through the neighbour’s front fence (just missing their car which was parked out on the street), then through the side fence into our garden, sideswiped the front of our house, carried on through the fence on the other side (the one Dad did all those repairs to at Waitangi weekend – that was a waste of time!), across the alleyway, and through the other neighbour’s fence before coming to rest in their driveway. The car must have been going at a fair speed, because it went through a total of four fences (including knocking out at least two concrete posts) as well as hitting our house.

As soon as I got off the phone with MrPloppy I found someone to give me a lift home, and by the time I got here the place was swarming with police and firemen (and nosy neighbours!). It looks a terrible mess out there (the car ripped through quite a swathe of our and the neighbour’s gardens, too, so there’s bits of fence and bushes everywhere), but amazingly, neither driver was hurt, and our house didn’t come off too badly either – there’s a lot of damage to the brickwork, but from what we can tell there’s no real structural damage (the insurance assessor’s coming tomorrow morning to check it out, so we’ll know better then).

The cats were not impressed by all the excitement, needless to say. In fact, they disappeared for most of the day (until hunger got the better of them, of course). I don’t blame them – I wasn’t all that impressed either!

Oh, and in case you’re interested, according to MrPloppy, the sound of a car hitting a house is “Bang! Crash! Crash! Thud! Crash! Crash!”

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  1. Gosh! The driver must have going at a heck of a pace! How fortunate that no one was hurt (imagine any hapless pedestrian caught up in that).

    Almost my first thought was had he/she knocked out the fence your Dad fixed!

    Thank goodness for insurance.

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