A garage full of books

No, not mine (although the house is getting close to overflowing, so that might be the next step!), but Lytteltonwitch’s. She’s been complaining for ages that her garage is so full of books that she can’t get her car in it, so this morning she invited a bunch of bookcrossers over for lunch, with the aim of all of us leaving with as many books as possible. In the end, only MrPloppy, ORNOT and I could make it (everyone else seems to be either busy studying for exams, or away for the long weekend), but we had a nice lunch, and then tackled the boxes of books.

She wasn’t joking about her garage being full of books – there must have been about 30 banana boxes of them in there! We worked our way through the boxes, picking out anything that looked good, or interesting, or fun to release, and managed between the three of us to remove two full boxes (ORNOT’s car was a bit sluggish on the way home, with all that weight in the back!). Some of them she’d already registered on Bookcrossing, so she’ll get quite a few catches from us (though she doesn’t really worry about the stats – I suppose when you’re already at the top, you don’t have to! 😉 ), but most she hadn’t had time to register, so I can see I’ll be busy over the next while getting my share registered and labelled up.

Oh, and good news – it looks like Lytteltonwitch is coming to Sydney after all! She’s still not 100% certain that she’ll make it, but she’s determined not to let anything get in the way, so I’m sure any remaining obstacles will be brushed aside.

When we got back and I’d made journal entries on the already registered books I got from Lytteltonwitch, I decided to tidy up my TBR shelves a bit (trying to make space for a few of the new acquisitions) – I am seriously going to have to learn to read faster! (or maybe I should just start being more choosy about which books I set aside to read before releasing… don’t see that happening, though – they all look so interesting!) Maybe if I spent less time on the computer…

Currently reading: Where’s Waari edited by Witi Ihimaera

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