The Big MM

I was registering books last night in preparation for our Mt Cook expedition, and hit a major Bookcrossing milestone: I’ve now registered TWO THOUSAND books! If I’d realised sooner that I was approaching such a significant number, I would have gone and bought a really special book to be my 2000th book (my 1000th was The Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams), but luckily I managed to find something reasonably special in my To Be Registered box: The Hippopotamus by Stephen Fry. Once I’ve read it myself, I’ll probably bookring it or something to mark the occasion.

I’ve got no idea how I managed to get to such a high registration count (although it’s not *that* high when you compare it to someone like lytteltonwitch‘s – she’s registered over 6,000 books and released 5,000 – and even she pales in comparison to pjlareau, who’s up over 25,000!!!), but 50c and 20c booksale tables have certainly contributed in a big way. Even at those prices, and with considerable donations of books from friends and family, I shudder to think how much I must have spent on bookcrossing over the last few years – but then again, I’ve probably spent a lot more over the years on other hobbies that have given me a lot less enjoyment. That’s how I justify it to myself, anyway 🙂

Must be time to buy some more books…

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  1. Just think of how much enjoyment those books have brought to so many others. Any hobby that enriches not only your life but someone elses too is a good hobby to have!


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