Meetup report

We had a great meetup tonight, and very well attended: me, lytteltonwitch, keenreda and MrKeenreda, Marcie130, awhina, MrAwhina, meerkitten and giraffe02, and angela7715.

Everyone was suitably impressed by the bookstrings, and loads of other ideas were tossed around the table: Marcie130 had found some screen-printing screens for a kiwi design, so we discussed ideas for using them; keenreda was keen to try some bookstrings of her own, possibly using homespun wool; awhina was busy knitting, not the promised bookmarks, but what seemed to be a dishcloth (?); and angela7715 talked about designing some labels. If all this creativity actually comes to fruition we’ll have plenty of exciting goodies for London and the other conventions.

As well as ideas, there were also books being tossed around the table, of course. I picked up Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey and xxxHOLiC by CLAMP, and passed on The Ghost Drum by Susan Price, Visits from the Drowned Girl by Steven Sherrill, The Year 1000 by Robert Lacey and Danny Danziger, and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

In other news, VivaRichie turned up today with the boxes we are storing for him and rarsberry until they move up here. He said his job hunting is going well, so that’s good news for them.

And in other other news, MrPloppy mentioned to Tam that I’ve been making bookstrings, so she rang today to ask if I needed any more beads or help. I said yes please to both, so she’s coming round tomorrow (if she doesn’t get called into work) and we’re going to have a creative day. I’m almost out of string (lytteltonwitch ordered the reel, but it won’t arrive until Thursday), but I’ve been experimenting with using seed beads and finer thread to make fully-beaded strings, so we can make some of them when the proper string runs out.

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