The predicted hot weather sort of arrived, except it was under a blanket of low cloud, so it’s been horrible and muggy again all day. I hate muggy weather – it’s so draining.

Oh well, it’s starting to look rather stormy out there now, and the wind’s come up, so with any luck we’ll have a nice thunderstorm tonight to clear the air a bit.

We went into Riccarton today to pick up a few things, and the girl who served me in Farmers commented on my Bookcrossing t-shirt. She’d joined bookcrossing a few years ago, but said she’d only released one book and then gave up. She said she might give it a go again, but was moving back to Wellington soon, so I told her to get in touch with the Wellington bookcrossers. Oh, and of course I gave her a book (The Gods Themselves by Isaac Asimov, the only one I had on me), which she’s already journalled (though it looks like she’s created herself a new screenname – obviously she couldn’t remember her old login).

Just thought – I should really have told her about the meetup tomorrow night. Maybe I should PM her.

The trend for catches heading overseas is continuing – The Haunting of Sophie Bartholomew by Elizabeth Lindsay, which I released in Waimate, is on its way to Hawaii!

Most of the rest of the day was spent on bookstrings, mostly doing the boring part of sealing the knots with glue and trimming the ends. Lytteltonwitch wants us to take them along to the meetup tomorrow – of course, this is not just because she wants to show off to some unnamed bookcrosser who’s taken several months to make three bookmarks, honestly! 😉

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  1. Oh, it’s been much the same here today – though I think your temperature topped ours by several degrees. It was just so hard to get anything done. We’re definitely due for some rain.

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