A step closer to Sydney

My new passport has finally arrived (it’s really depressing when you realise your old passport expired a couple of years ago, but you didn’t notice, because you haven’t used it for so long!), so now I’m all ready for my Sydney trip. I’ve even gone and got some of the funny-coloured Monopoly money they use for cash over there (Money from other countries never looks entirely genuine, but I think Australian banknotes are the worst of all – they’re so brightly coloured, and completely unlikely looking 🙂 ), so all I have to do now is decide which books I’m taking with me. Good thing there’s still 4 weeks to go, because this could be a difficult decision – I can see myself weighing each book, trying to get the optimum number of books in under the 20kg limit (and is it better to take one really good hardcover book, or 2 or 3 not-as-good paperbacks…). I’ve also got to try and read some of those books first, too – which wouldn’t be that difficult a task, if it wasn’t for all those bookring books (finished another one last night, but I haven’t had time to write a journal entry on it yet), and there’s the minor little matter of exams coming up, so I really should be reading text books anyway…

Had a bit of bad news last night, though – Lytteltonwitch, the other Kiwi “delegate” to the BC-AUS conference (delegates only in the sense that we delegated ourselves to go and were willing to pay our own airfares etc – the BCNZ community doesn’t stretch to sending formal delegates!), might not be able to make it after all. She called to tell me she’s just found out she might have an unavoidable commitment here in Christchurch that weekend – she should know for certain by the end of this week, so we’ve both got our fingers crossed. It’ll be very disappointing for her if she can’t make it after all (especially because she’d already paid for her plane tickets!), but I’ve said if she can’t make it, I’ll take some of her books over and release them for her, so she can at least be there in spirit.

Oh, and welcome to my diary’s first friend!

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